Back in the battle rounds of “The Voice” Season 4, when Luke Edgemon was discarded by original coach Shakira and choosing between Blake Shelton and Usher, who’d both opted to steal him, Luke said he was choosing strategically and went with Blake. As Tuesday night’s (April 30) knockout round proved, that strategy backfired.

All season long, Blake’s been operating with a pretty clear pretense of taking a team of country singers to the live shows. While Luke may have wanted to team up with a proven winner, he should’ve realized that Blake would never respect the sort of artist he is.

By forcing Luke to go head-to-head with traditional country singer Holly Tucker, it was obvious that Blake was sacrificing his non-country singers. Holly’s performance of Tim McGraw‘s “Live Like You Were Dying” was very good — I’m not disputing that. But it showed no real desire to step outside of any comfort zone or challenge one’s artistry.

Luke, on the other hand, did something that very rarely happens on this show: He completely reinvented a wildly popular pop song (Katy Perry‘s “Teenage Dream”) and was successful. Luke turned the song into a smoldering R&B track, driving fellow coaches Shakira and Adam Levine wild.

But Blake did what everyone knew he would do. After saying that Luke didn’t come out on stage ready to knock Holly out, he chose the artist he felt more comfortable with.  While it’s ultimately Luke’s fault for choosing a coach he never stood a chance of being understood by, Blake still made the wrong choice.

Watch the full round above and let me know, “Voice” fans: Did Luke deserve to go home?

Posted by:Billy Nilles