the voice mathai pip 'The Voice': Can Pip be edgy and still keep his bowtie tied?On last week’s performance episode of “The Voice,” Pip performed “When You Were Young” by The Killers. Though he definitely won America over — he was voted into the next round without having to sing for his life — the coaches weren’t impressed across the board.

Pip’s coach, Adam Levine, encouraged him to look for his dark side. “I think that as far as how it went, I still didn’t want to trust you as much. I wanted you to be more dangerous and scary. We were talking about… having this emotional, visceral thing where everyone was like ‘Wow, that was a monster! That wasn’t the usual Pip!'” he said. “You’re a great singer, man, you’ve just got to be a little less trustworthy. Something a little grittier.”

Zap2it spoke with Pip and his fellow contestant, Mathai, last week about how he’s going to take that advice. Will he ditch his usual bowtie and edge up his look?

“I think I can have edge with the bowtie! It’s already my thing. I want to keep it, I love it, it’s me,” Pip says. “The song kind of got away from me. If I had done what I had been doing with the song in rehearsals and stuff I would have had the more edge, but you know, I got a little nervous with the whole live show thing and the audience was just super overwhelming. It was the first time on the show that I felt overwhelmed.”

Check out our exclusive video below for more from Pip and Mathai, including the most difficult part of being on “The Voice” and what they hope to show the audience next week.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie