One of Blake Shelton’s two remaining contestants in the Top 4 of “The Voice” is Cassadee Pope — and tonight, she pretty much secured herself a place in the final rounds when she performed Keith Urban’s song, “Stupid Boy.”

Though Cassadee is not a typical country artist, she has performed several country songs on the show, which has garnered some criticism — particularly because, obviously, Shelton is a country star. “Before I start reading about this tomorrow, the reason that Cassadee’s done a handful of country songs on this show is because … she has the ability to connect with a lyric like nobody else that I’ve probably ever seen on this show … and some of these heartfelt country songs I know, like this Keith Urban song, are just so perfect for you, because nobody else … could do what you just did in that moment.”

And connect she did. All of the judges were blown away by Cassadee’s performance. “Cassadee, you know that I’m a fan. Sometimes your voice sounds so right on that you almost sound auto-tuned because it’s so perfect,” she said. “The passion that you evoke brings your lyrics to life. I believe you, and I think that’s what’s so important. Blake, you have a true superstar on your hands.”

Will you be voting for her? Check out the song above and let us know in the comments who you’re rooting for in the final round.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie