It had all the markings of a disaster. A new coach paired up her two multi-lingual artists on one of her own songs, sung in Spanish. The two singers were catty during rehearsals, with one lacking in any preparation on a song she had no knowledge of. But Cathia and Mary Miranda‘s battle on Tuesday night‘s (April 23) episode of “The Voice,” the last battle of the round, managed to transcend all the obstacles in its way.

Shakira had the two Latina divas battle on her song “Antes de las Sies,” a ballad from her 2011 album “Sale el Sol.” While a majority of the audience, Shakira’s fellow coaches included, were in the dark when it came to the meaning of the lyrics, the emotion behind the song was expertly conveyed by Cathia and Mary, who found a way to overcome the hostility that seemed to have fostered between them during rehearsals.

If there’s one complaint to be made, it would be that the outcome was so anticlimactic. Knowing that it was the final battle, and knowing that Usher had his final steal left, there was no doubt that neither of the singers were going home.

After Shakira named Mary the winner, Usher took his time to steal Cathia, attempting to create a dramatic moment worthy of ending the show. But, with the audience fully aware she wasn’t going anywhere, it wound up backfiring and seeming rather cruel to Cathia. Oh well, at least both of these very talented women are moving on to the knockout rounds.

Did you enjoy this battle, “Voice” fans?

Posted by:Billy Nilles