carson daly nbc video 'The Voice' host Carson Daly: 'We're not a gimmick'Here’s how much Carson Daly likes “The Voice”: He gets a little tongue-tied discussing Tuesday’s (May 17) battle episode.

As you can see in the video below, Daly draws a momentary blank in discussing the singers taking part in the battles this week. He does say, though, that these rounds remind him of “Gladiator” — “when they say win the crowd, win your freedom.”

That momentary bobble — Daly was, after all, getting near the end of a long red-carpet line at NBC’s upfront on Monday (May 16) — shouldn’t be mistaken as any lack of affection of the show. Zap2it also asked Daly what’s surprised him about “The Voice” so far, and he’s not shy about sharing.

“We all felt like it’s a great show — I really was worried that American likes some train-wrecky TV every now and then,” he says. “They like their slap fights, and ‘The Voice’ isn’t that. We’re not a gimmick. … It’s much deeper than that. I think you’re seeing it now in the battle rounds, and you’ll see it in the upcoming live shows. This is a serious quest to find somebody really talented.”

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Posted by:Rick Porter