jacquie lee interview the voice top 8 nbc 'The Voice': Jacquie Lee talks closing the show, which Christina Aguilera song she'd like to tackleAt the tender age of 16, Jacquie Lee may be the youngest competitor left standing in Season 5 of “The Voice,” but as her show-stopping performances have made abundantly clear, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Zap2it had the opportunity to speak with Lee after she closed Monday’s (Nov. 25) episode with a powerful performance of The Jackson 5’s “Who’s Loving You,” where she opened up about the pressure of ending an episode.

“There’s a lot more pressure to end the show because it’s the last performance. You’re like, ‘It’s the last performance. I have to leave on a good note,'” she admits. “It’s really hard getting into character, even, because you can’t smile during the song … A lot of the times when I’m singing, I just think about ‘Oh my God, I’m on stage on national television’ and then I smile. It just happens. This performance, I had to be really focused on every single line I had to sing, which is really hard to do.”

When asked what it’s been like to go from typical high school life to the fast-paced, star-studded world of “The Voice,” Lee lets out a squeal. “It doesn’t feel real,” she adds. “My friends constantly text me, like, ‘So, Adam Levine. What’s he like?’ I mean, what you see is what you get, really.”

However, it’s the relationship she’s forged with her coach Christina Aguilera that’s shocked her the most, she admits. “I’m surprised I made such a connection with Christina because I didn’t know what to expect going into this,” the singer says, adding, “I can honestly say that we’ve actually bonded outside of the show and connected and told each other secrets. She’s given me some advice and I kind of feel like she’s an older sister to me at this point.”

With that connection so strong, Lee tells us that, should she advance to the Top 6 during Tuesday’s episode (which, barring any major shock is basically a given), she plans to honor her newfound mentor. “Next week, I want to do a Christina song because I feel like everyone’s been expecting it, like ‘Where is it? Come on!'”

As for which, she’s not picky. “Any one of them,” Lee says when asked if she has a certain track in mind. “I know my favorites are — ‘A Voice Within’ is one of my favorites, ‘Bound To You,’ another one of my favorites. I mean, all of them are amazing.” Just don’t expect it to be Aguilera’s 2002 raunchfest, “Dirrty.”

“Maybe not,” Lee says as the song’s suggested. “Minor! Earmuffs!”

“The Voice” airs live Mondays at 8 p.m. ET and Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

Posted by:Billy Nilles