Choosing to audition for a show like “The Voice” by singing one of the coach’s songs takes some serious guts. On the April 1 episode of NBC’s hit show, Monique Abbadie proved she had cajones to spare when she took the stage with Shakira‘s “Loca.”

The 20-year-old former child actor (she starred in Spanish language variety shows “Sabada Gigante” and “El Show de Lucky”) showed host Carson Daly a photo of herself with the Latina superstar she was about to audition for when she attended one of Shakira’s concerts at age 10. That, coupled with the announcement of her intended audition song, make it clear whose team Abbadie was gunning for.

Though Shakira showed some initial hesitation (the face she makes when she first hears Abbadie rip into her song is priceless), she began dancing in her chair and eventually turned around — as did fellow coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Usher. Yeah, she got all four to clamor over her.

Shakira’s enthusiastic dancing on the seat of her chair after turning made it clear that she was going to fight tooth and nail to earn Abbadie on her team, but the men of “The Voice” all backed down quite quickly after Shakira said, “You know I got this one guys.”

And indeed, she did. Abbadie gushed, “You’re my idol,” to her new coach as she left the stage. These two could be quite the formidable pair. Though still quite early in the season, does anyone else stand a chance?

Posted by:Billy Nilles