adam levine shakira usher blake shelton nbc summer press day 'The Voice': NBC remains mum about which coaches will return for Season 5At NBC Universal’s Summer Press Day on Monday (April 22), perhaps the biggest news out of the panel for “The Voice” was that there was no news. When it was announced that Shakira and Usher would be filling in for original coaches Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera for the current run, Season 4, it was believed that Aguilera and Green would be returning to their chairs in the fall. But, as NBC chose to announce that they wouldn’t comment on the plans for next season, it seems that what was once certain may not be any longer.

The chemistry between the current crop of coaches has proved to be quite appealing, which the coaches touched on during the panel. Panel mainstay Blake Shelton admitted that, though he’d been concerned about the fresh blood, the season has proved him wrong.

“I was a little bit nervous just because I knew how well the show was doing,” Shelton said. “It was beating the odds, you know? It was a music talent show in a world where there’s a lot of those. We knew we had something that worked and I never met either one of these two before. One thing you can’t fake is chemistry. I’ll be damned if it’s not as strong as it’s ever been with the four of us, you know? And I love that; I’m proud of that.”

Fellow mainstay Adam Levine agreed, telling reporters, “We were certainly curious to see what the chemistry would be when the new guy and gal came, but I think that we’re beyond happy … It’s obvious, too, if you watch the show that there’s a lot of chemistry.”

With the easy report between the four clearly on display during the near-30 minute discussion, it’s not hard to see why fans have responded to the current line-up as they have. Though Aguilera and Green were only meant to take a breather for the spring, both might find cause to be worried about their future with the series.

It stands to reason that NBC might not want to mess with what’s working for them in a season when so very little is. With Shakira and Usher fresh in viewers’ minds, could Aguilera and Green be given the boot? Only time will tell.

Posted by:Billy Nilles