the voice monika ray some kind of wonderful nbc 'The Voice' recap: Can I get a witness to the Battle Rounds?It’s Day Two of the Battle Rounds in Season 5, “Voice” fans. If you didn’t get a chance to see last night’s battles, check out our recap. But we have another hour of battles tonight. Again, what are Battle Rounds? Coaches Adam LevineBlake SheltonChristina Aguilera and CeeLo Green each put one artist from their team of 20 against another, dueling with everything they’ve got until one is dismissed (unless another coach steals them for their team, and then everyone stays.) CeeLo and Adam haven’t used a steal yet, and the previews say we’re in for a good show. So, let’s go. And did we mention Cher is in the house mentoring again? This can only be good.

Battle #1: Team Christina’s Jacob Poole vs. Matthew Schuler (who was the recipient of the fastest four chair turn in show history.)

Ed Sheeran mentors the preachers’ sons on “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” by Fall Out Boy. Christina says the energetic song just works as a “call and answer” back and forth, but the pace and almost-staccato like delivery is tough to keep up throughout.
Onstage, they both push it – Jacob’s voice has great power and the ever important clarity for this song. But Matthew can hit the notes with some good soul behind it. Adam calls it a “musical a**-whoopin'” and says Matthew nailed it, but Blake prefers Jacob. In the end, Christina chooses Matthew.
Steal: No one steals Jacob, which is unfortunate. He had a great tone.

Battle #2: Team CeeLo’s Kat Robichaud vs. R. Anthony
Mentor Miguel works with the opponents on Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.” R. Anthony says he’s pulling the emotion for the song from his wife and family, and Kat just lost her father, and has a well of emotion to use. CeeLo says he paired these two because they’re so different and they really are… almost to the point of distraction. R. Anthony’s gospel style comes out immediately, and Miguel tells him to pick and choose his runs carefully. Kat is great in front of the crowd, but her rehearsal falls a bit flat. 
During the battle itself, the pair play off of each well, and Kat is indeed charming on stage. R. Anthony can play the runs better though, and it works well for the song. He seems to do a better job singing, but Kat’s stage presence is eye-catching. Adam and Blake both love Kat’s intensity and commitment; Christina loves R’s vocal precision. In the end, CeeLo keeps Kat – the “natural disaster.”
Steal: Nope. R. Anthony is let go – no one uses a steal. Total fail.

Some quick clips of other battles that happened behind the scenes: 

  • CeeLo also paired Cole Vosbury against Lupe Carroll on Toto’s “Africa,” choosing Cole.
  • Blake paired E.G. Daily vs Sam Cerniglia on Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About,” keeping E.G.
  • Adam matched Ashley DuBose and Justin Blake in Christina and Blake’s duet “Just A Fool,” and Ashley retains her seat.

Battle #3: Team Blake’s Monika Leigh vs. Ray Boudreaux
Cher. How can these singers walk into that room and see Cher and not lose it?  Well, Monika almost does. These two funk singers are doing Grand Funk Railroad’s “Some Kind of Wonderful” and it could be perfect for them. But first, Monika’s volume is a problem, and Cher says she’s going to need to pull it up out of her bootstraps to challenge Ray. Ray’s problem is range. He has the power, but Monika can out sing him on the notes. And then during their final rehearsal, Monika gets a dressing down from Cher on her inconsistency, and tells her to be sure she knows where her big riffs in the song are going to take her before she starts them. Cher tells Ray to be confident enough to push through any mistakes he makes and convince the audience to forget the bad moments with something amazing. And Cher also gives Blake some lip when he asks where she’s
been all his “Voice” career: “I’ve been working. I don’t just
sit on my a** and punch a little button.” Oh, Cher.  We love you.
And the performance? The best of the evening, hands down. There were even some goosebumpy “can I get a witness” moments. Christina says it was a great pairing, and CeeLo says Ray can “sing.” Adam says Ray proved himself on that song. Final decision? With Ray’s little girl yelling “Ray!” into the quiet auditorium, Blake agrees and says Ray stepped up. His pitch and tone were great. 
Steal: No-brainer – CeeLo steals Monika, saving her from dismissal, so we’ll see her again. 
What do you think, “Voice” fans? Did you find the same kind of power that we saw last night? Can I get a witness?
Posted by:Kiley Thompson