sasha allen shakira the voice nbc 'The Voice': Sasha Allen talks why she chose Shakira in the first steal of Season 4It was the first battle of Season 4 of “The Voice” and coach Adam Levine paired up Sasha Allen with Amber Carrington, forcing the two to duke it out with Pink‘s “Try.” After calling the performance “one of the best battle rounds we’ve ever seen on this show,” Levine chose to keep Carrington and send home Allen. Luckily for Allen, two other coaches were hungry to snatch her up.

“I wanted to say, ‘Time out,'” Allen says of the moment when newbie coaches Shakira and Usher began vying for her to join their team, while speaking with reporters on Tuesday (April 16). “I wanted to say, ‘Hold on, give me a minute. Can I go talk to somebody?'”

“It was really hard and difficult. They both seems so passionate, and so genuinely passionate, about what they thought they could do with me … It’s a nightmare. Two people that I completely respect, having to choose? It’s horrible.”

“Of course, it was a major relief to know that I wasn’t leaving,” she adds, “only because I feel like I have so much more to share and so much more to give, and for it to end right there would’ve just felt like I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. And so, to have another chance to really show what I got, of course, relief. Complete relief.”

When it came time to make the difficult decision between Shakira and Usher, Allen says it had to be a gut feeling, though her gut could have led her in either direction. “At that point, it has to be an instinct. You kind of just go with whatever. It could have gone either way, actually … but then I just thought about the woman aspect about it and what [Shakira] could really teach me as a woman performer. And then I made my decision.”

As for what she feels Shakira has to offer her that former coach Levine doesn’t, Allen reiterates that it all came down to the shared gender. “I hope to get a female perspective,” she says. “I think she’s amazing, she’s an amazing performer, and so I hope she can take what I have and nurture that.”

Do you think Allen and her new coach are a good fit, “Voice” fans?

Posted by:Billy Nilles