the voice tony lucca gal 'The Voice' Season 2: Tony Lucca talks Christina Aguilera, says 'it was legitimately cool to reconnect'After the Super Bowl, fans of “The Voice” witnessed an awkward moment between coach Christina Aguilera and her former “Mickey Mouse Club” castmate, Tony Lucca. He auditioned for the show, but even after he said his name, she didn’t recognize him until he’d left the stage. She ultimately did go find him and apologize for not remembering him.

Lucca and the other “The Voice” contestants participated in a press call on Monday to discuss their blind auditions. Lucca admitted that because producers played up the history between himself and Aguilera before he took the stage for the auditions, he was a little nervous about how it would play out.

“The reunion was bizarre in a lot of ways,” he told us. “Obviously the producers and I
had agreed that was an interesting piece of the story, so we covered a
lot of ground on that leading to the blind audition. It certainly played
in my head, thinking if she turns around, would it kind of be a snub if I
didn’t work with her? What would be the best approach?”

He admits that he went into the audition specifically hoping that Adam Levine would turn around and choose him. “I just thought
it might be a little awkward if I wound up on Christina’s team, if later
on she would have to pick between me and someone else, that might have
seemed inappropriate,” Lucca says.

He wasn’t entirely prepared for the idea that Aguilera might not remember him at all.  “The fact that it didn’t dawn on her who I was until
after the blind audition sort of made that a little easier, I’d say.”

When Lucca nodded to Aguilera as he walked off-stage, her jaw dropped and she blushed — seeming to realize who he was. Some fans speculate as to whether there was a producer telling her who he was in her earpiece. Aguilera hopped out of her chair and made a beeline backstage, searching for Tony, who was in a back room discussing the incident with Carson Daly. When she saw him, she told him that she did remember him — and that Britney Spears once had a crush on him and used to talk about him all the time.

way she came in and went down memory lane, that was extremely
flattering to say the least, because it certainly wasn’t solicited or
prodded out of her,” Lucca says. “Her sentiments were very genuine. As I understand it
was legitimately cool to reconnect. Anything’s going to be a little
bizarre in front of a camera, let alone six or seven, so there was that
element, but I couldn’t have been happier with the way it went down. I’m
just really grateful for her to have been so gracious and flattering
with all of that.”

Fans of Lucca may remember him from the short-lived “Malibu Shores,” which he starred on with then-girlfriend Keri Russell. He says that after that show, he stopped acting in order to pursue his musical career. “I knew that if I really wanted to make it in music at some point I was going to have to solidify that first, because there seems to be a bizarre ‘ism’ where actors can’t ever really break into music legitimately, where the opposite is different. For some reason, [if] you’re a musician you have an easier time breaking back into acting. Music was always my first love.”

Like many artists on “The Voice,” Lucca is already an established artist with a healthy fan following. He’s toured with artists like *NSYNC and Sara Bareilles and had his music featured on shows like “Felicity” and “Friday Night Lights.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie