the voice playoffs season 6 sisaundra lewis audra mclaughlin 'The Voice' Season 6 playoffs begin: Sisaundra Lewis and Audra McLaughlin blow the roof off the jointThe teams are set for the playoffs on “The Voice” Season 6. Check out the Top 20 here in our gallery if you need a reminder. At this point, each coach has to cut two of their five singers so that there is a Top 12 for the live shows.

1. Audra McLaughlin, “Broken Wing,” Martina McBride

While Audra rehearses, I have the thought that I hope she doesn’t embellish this song too much. Everyone has gotten so obsessed with runs in the last 10 years and sometimes, it’s nice if you just dial it back. This song is so pretty just sung straight out — listen to Martina, she doesn’t do a lot of runs. She just blows it out.

When she starts performing, so far so good on just straight singing it. Also, the changes she’s making to the melody are nice — not too much, but enough to make it different from the original. In fact, Audra pretty much kills this. Wow.

2. Ryan Whyte Maloney, “Second Chance,” Shinedown

This is nice, but it’s not as impressive as Audra and since he’s following such a dynamo performance, it falls a little flat for me. He’s fine and there are some good big notes, but it’s not blowing the roof off the place. Ryan isn’t bad at all, but at this point, only three out of five make it, so you have to really bring your A game. He might be in some trouble.

3. Madilyn Paige, “Clarity,” Zedd

This is maybe the most mature Madilyn has sounded so far in the competition, which is nice. It’s not that she shouldn’t sound young sometimes, but she also needs to show that she can run with the adults. However, the chorus gets away from her a little. The verses are stellar, but the chorus isn’t perfect. Like Ryan, she could be in trouble. Nice emotional connection, though.

4. Jake Worthington, “Anywhere With You,” Jake Owen

This guy has such a nice tone to his voice. He sounds like he could be playing on country radio right now. However, he’s not perfect — there are a few bum notes here and there, plus his stage presence is a little lacking. Shakira heaps praise on him, but Usher asks him how he did and Jake says he got off pitch a little at the end. He’s right. At this point, only Audra is safe.

5. Sisaundra Lewis, “New York State of Mind,” Billy Joel

What a terrific, unexpected song choice. Sisaundra sounds like Billie Holiday singing Billy Joel, such a throwback jazz voice. Gorgeous. This is easily my favorite of the night. She has a rich voice like you’re getting dipped in molasses when you listen to her, then she takes that last verse up into the rafters and just blows the darn roof off the building. Outstanding.

Adam Levine criticizes her jazzy syncopation at the beginning, but I liked that about her performance, honestly. It gave it character.

So, Audra and Sisaundra are obviously safe. Which of the other three does Blake go with? I would be choosing between Madilyn and Jake if it were me and I think I’d go Jake, but it’s really, really tough to let Madilyn go.

Results time

Blake chooses (in order) Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin and … Jake Worthington. Nailed it. Though I’m very sad to see Madilyn and Ryan go.

What do you think of Blake’s choices, fans?

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