the voice season 6 top 12 tess boyer tj wilkins dani moz 'The Voice' Season 6 Top 12 results: Dani Moz, T.J. Wilkins or Tess Boyer, who went home?Time for the first live elimination show of “The Voice” Season 6. Adam Levine and his team put on a terrific performance of “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel to kick things off, then we get right to some results.

The first two artists who are safe are Josh Kaufman (Team Usher) and Kat Perkins (Team Adam) and after the break, the next two who are safe are Kristen Merlin (Team Shakira) and Audra McLaughlin (Team Blake). No big surprises there.

Shakira performs “Empire,” which is kind of Alanis-y. We dig it, though we’re not crazy about her black, lacy/sequined catsuit. After her performance, there’s a video segment of Team Shakira volunteering at a local school, which is neat.

Back to results. The next two singers who are safe are Delvin Choice (Team Adam) and Jake Worthington (Team Blake) — what?! Delvin, sure, but Jake was the worst singer last night by a mile. That is a darn shame.

Team Blake now performs “Put Some Drive In Your Country” by Travis Tritt. Jake does markedly better on this Tritt song than he did last night (though that is not a high bar to clear).

The final results from Carson see Bria Kelly (Team Usher), Christina Grimmie (Team Adam) and Sisaundra Lewis (Team Blake) declared safe, which means Dani Moz and Tess Boyer (Team Shakira) and T.J. Wilkins (Team Usher) are in danger. Tess has no business being in the bottom, she and Jake should have swapped places. But T.J. and Dani are the right choices and they should be the two who go home.

For their sing-for-their-lives portion, T.J. picks “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain and it’s nothing special (and off pitch a good portion of the time); Dani sings “Turning Tables” by Adele  and it’s 1000 times better than her performance last night, so she might give Tess a run for her money for the save. It’s a shame she didn’t do this well last night — really, T.J. and Jake should be headed for the door tonight.

Tess chooses “Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson and it’s really good. Tess has my vote, I’m tweeting for her to stay. Did you tweet for the save? Also, I love that NBC keeps real-time results on the screen. This is a cool addition to the show they came up with last season.

The final results reveal that Tess is indeed safe, which is the right outcome. Shame about Dani, though.

What do you think, “Voice” fans? Did the right two go home?

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