the voice season 6 top 5 kat perkins josh kaufman 'The Voice' Season 6 Top 5: Josh Kaufman and Kat Perkins secure their finals spots“The Voice” Season 6 is down to its Top 5, and this week it’ll knock out two more singers and set up the final three. Who do you like?

1. Kristen Merlin, “Gun Powder and Lead,” Miranda Lambert (Team Shakira)

I really like this song choice for her, she needs to do something a little more uptempo and with attitude. However, she didn’t quite give herself over to the song enough. Vocally it sounds fine, but Kristen could have put 10 times more attitude and swag behind this one. It’s really lacking in oomph.

2. Josh Kaufman, “All of Me,” John Legend (Team Usher)

Another good choice. Kaufman has such a smooth, beautiful tone and he really picks excellent songs to show it off. The low stuff on this? Goosebumps and shivers. Wow. Blake Shelton comments that he thinks Josh will be in the finale no question and I agree. He’s one of the strongest singers left.

3. Kat Perkins, “Chandelier,” Sia (Team Adam)

OK, the staging for this one is easily the best staging all season. It’s like the Phantom is going to swoop in and kidnap her into the bowels of the theater at any moment. And then vocally, Kat absolutely slays this song. Do you hear the weird jumps into her upper register during the chorus? Talk about an incredible degree of difficulty and she makes it sound effortless. She kills it.

4. Jake Worthington, “Good Ol’ Boys,” Waylon Jennings (Team Blake)

OK, so, talk about a play to your audience. “The Dukes of Hazzard” theme song? Even my cold, black heart is like, “Yeah, yee-haw! Catherine Bach, woooo!” Also, vocally, this isn’t bad. Jake still has some pitch problems here and there, but this is pretty solid. Unfortunately, that makes me pretty nervous about the finals.

Jake seems like the sweetest boy, but he is not as vocally gifted as Josh, Kat or Christina. Those three should be the Top 3. But this performance is going to get mad votes.

5. Christina Grimmie, “Hide and Seek,” Imogen Heap (Team Adam)

This is a very dramatic choice. Hopefully the audience likes it and doesn’t just think it’s weird, because honestly, this song has always sounded to me like it belongs on the “Twin Peaks” soundtrack being sung by Julee Cruise. Anyway, Christina sounds gorgeous, as always, but I’m worried it won’t resonate with the viewers in the same way as, say, “The Dukes of Hazzard” theme song.

However, perhaps I am underestimating the voters. This was a hauntingly beautiful vocal, if maybe lacking a bit of punch. Her emotional connection could have been a bit stronger or more palpable, for me.

6. Josh Kaufman, “Love Runs Out,” OneRepublic (Team Usher)

Initially, I don’t love this choice for him. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that he was on that weird set of blocks that totally cut off from the band and the audience. This is such a rocking song that demands participation and interaction, you know? But in the latter half, Josh really won me over once he cut loose a bit — that one big run into the stratosphere was awesome. Really great job.

7. Kat Perkins, “Let It Go,” “Frozen” (Team Adam)

This is a gutsy choice because it’s so popular now, so it’s a smart pick, but on the other hand — this song is no-foolin’ hard. I wonder if Kat and Christina had to fight for who got to sing this one. Anyway, Kat does really well with this, actually. There are a couple goosebump-y moments on the big notes. However, there are also a couple bum notes. She’s not perfect. But I think she did enough to stick around for the finals.

8. Kristen Merlin, “Foolish Games,” Jewel (Team Shakira)

Beautiful choice. Kristen just threw her hat into the ring for advancing. I had ruled her out after her first song, but this is gorgeous. The only issue I have is she is actually a little heavy on the runs. This song is so heartbreaking because it’s sung very plainly by Jewel, and I think Kristen would have benefited from less vocal acrobatics. But still, really nice job.

9. Christina Grimmie, “Some Nights,” fun (Team Adam)

I hate this song choice for her. It’s a great song, but Christina has a colossal voice and this song doesn’t show it off. The staging and the blacklight stuff is cool, but honestly, after Kristen Merlin on “Foolish Games” and Jake Worthington on “Dukes of Hazzard,” Christina might be in a little trouble because she turned in a weird performance first, then a vocally-lacking performance second. The one big note in this song is really not enough to make a good performance. Hmm.

10. Jake Worthington, “Heaven,” Bryan Adams (Team Blake)

This is a beautiful song, but Jake is having his usual pitch issues. He is alllllll over the map, you guys. I’m sorry, but he is not good enough to be here in place of Sisaundra Lewis. But he certainly is not good enough to go through to the Top 3.

So, as far as I’m concerned, Kat Perkins and Josh Kaufman have sewn up their spots in next week’s finals, but who is going to join them? Talent-wise, I think Christina Grimmie should, but she really blew it with song choice this week and I would not be surprised if Jake Worthington sneaks in there. I don’t think Kristen Merlin will, though I did really like her second performance.

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