tessanne chin interview the voice top 5 nbc 'The Voice': Tessanne Chin talks 'therapeutic' semi finals performance, brunch at Adam Levine's houseFor her live semi-finals performance on Monday’s (Dec. 9) episode of “The Voice,” Team Adam’s Tessanne Chin took on Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” As viewers learned, some recent upsetting news added an extra level of connection to the material, bringing her to tears during rehearsals.

Backstage after her performance, Chin chose to keep her private matter private, but she did tell Zap2it that her moment on stage offered a catharsis of sorts. “I’m feeling good,” she says. “I feel like I left it there and that was very therapeutic for me. Very, very therapeutic.”

Chin admits there was a certain trepidation regarding the bare approach to the song, which coach Adam Levine was insistent about. “So for me, I just made a decision to just go there and even if it wasn’t technically the best performance to give, I can’t deny what was going on in here,” she says with her hand over her heart. “And most importantly, I wanted it to end on a hopeful note because ultimately, even though the song, in the beginning it may be a little bit more ‘When you’re weary,’ I wanted it to end on ‘Sail on and shine. Your dreams are coming through.’ There’s always a silver lining, no matter what you’re going through in life.

“I mean, classic example, I found out the very next day after hearing [the bad news] that one of my girlfriends who’s been trying for a while is finally pregnant. So there’s always, always a silver lining to everything in life, you know? So, I wanted that to be not just about the emotion and whatever … but there’s hope.”

The singer’s performance was received with near-rapturous applause by the in-studio audience and the coaches, including a speechless Levine. “I don’t know what it feels like to win a million dollars, but I’m pretty sure that’s close to it,” she says of the reaction. “When you work hard and you feel like you’ve gone through it — not just physically, but emotionally, it’s a very emotional thing we’re doing here. It’s very emotionally taxing, it’s exhausting, but you know, when people appreciate what you do, it’s so worth it.”

As viewers also saw during the episode, Levine invited Chin and her fellow teammates James Wolpert and Will Champlin to his home for a breakfast he prepared himself. “He makes a mean scramble,” Chin says, laughing. “He does. And he was just very warm and welcoming. You know, I was saying to somebody else, how many people invite you into their home? I mean, that’s sacred ground — for an artist, especially for a celebrity. I would’ve never expected Adam to do that. He trusted us enough to do that and invite us to his home — meant the world to me — and that’s why it shows with his coaching skill. And I think Blake [Shelton] is the same way. They’re invested. It’s not just for the cameras. They’re invested in their artists … I’m so grateful.

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, but I know tonight I did my best and tomorrow if I go home, if I stay, I have to be at peace because that’s what’s supposed to happen,” she adds. “I believe that.”

Chin will find out if she stays or gos on “The Voice” results show at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday on NBC.

Posted by:Billy Nilles