jacquie lee interview the voice nbc 'The Voice's' Jacquie Lee talks pressure of singing a Christina Aguilera song in front of herIt’s a tall order: Performing a song by a legendary recording artist in front of said recording artist, especially when that recording artist has been your mentor. But that’s just what Jacquie Lee tackled during Monday’s (Dec. 2) episode of “The Voice” when she took on her coach Christina Aguilera‘s “The Voice Within.”

It was a task that could have unnerved even the most seasoned of pros, but as Jacquie told Zap2it backstage after the show, she wasn’t too fazed by the endeavor. “It was strangely comforting because I knew that she was supporting me and that she was proud,” she says of her performance. “It definitely was nerve-wracking before because I was like, ‘I can not screw this up. Like, there’s no way I could screw this up.’ But, finally, when it was over, everybody felt every word I was saying it and it was just amazing. It was an awesome experience.”

Though the young artist chose the Xtina song as a dedication to her coach, Jacquie admits the idea to perform it didn’t originate with her. “She actually brought it up to me before,” she reveals. “She actually told Paul [Mirkovich, leader of ‘The Voice’ house band], ‘Oh maybe she should sing ‘The Voice Within.’ I could see her singing that’ … I’m just really happy that she allowed me to do that on the show. Ah, I’m so happy with how it turned out!”

Though the night also included the added pressure of performing twice (Jacquie’s coach-chosen song was Janis Joplin‘s “Cry Baby), she tells us she was quite satisfied with both of her performances. “[‘Cry Baby’] I was so confident with, I loved it. And [‘The Voice Within’] I loved even more, and I’m even more confident with. And I was just so happy to be able to sing both of them, especially the second song because it was just an amazing connection between me and Christina,” she says. “And I love the lyrics in that song and everything that it was saying and everything that it stood for because it was what I stood for. And every piece of advice Christina gave me lead back to that song, so it was just very surreal for me and for her because it brought her back too.”

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Posted by:Billy Nilles