voice weston javier 'The Voice's' Team Adam: Watch Javier Colon and Casey Weston performMost of the teams on “The Voice” are pretty evenly matched, but Adam Levine‘s team seems rather lopsided to us, when it comes to sheer talent. After Levine sent Jeff Jenkins and Devon Barley packing at the beginning on the show, he was left with Javier Colon — who has emerged as a fan favorite because of his extraordinary voice — and Casey Weston, who left us with a rather lukewarm performance tonight.

Casey took the stage with one of the most challenging
songs in the history of pop music: “I Will Always Love You,” as
popularized by Whitney Houston, so it’s no wonder that her performance fell slightly flat. Despite the fact that we felt it was weak, the coaches praised her.

Levine even noted that they had argued several times while they prepared the performance. “We’ve definitely battled a bit, but it’s a good thing,” he said. “I want you to have your own opinions. This performance tonight proves that our arguments pay off.”

Javier chose to sing Coldplay’s “Fix You,” a song that almost anyone can relate to. Levine warned him about embellishing too much on the song. “That’s such a huge song for so many people that it’s important that you give it its due respect,” he told Javier.

During the performance, Javier shocked everyone — not with his voice, because that’s no surprise anymore, but by finally taking off his ever-present hat. “I’m so pissed off that I wasn’t over there to catch that hat,” Blake Shelton said later, “because the son of a bitch is gonna be worth a lot of money.”

Cee-Lo said, “Wonderful song choice. Chris and Gwyneth are both friends of mine.”

“I’m Cee-Lo. I know celebrities,” Levine interrupted. Ever the jokester.

Do you agree with us that Javier will easily beat Casey, or do you think we’re off base? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie