nakia vicci voice 'The Voice's' Team Cee Lo: Will Vicci Martinez beat Nakia to the finals? Did Nakia out do Adam Lambert?At the beginning of Tuesday’s semi-final round of “The Voice,” Cee-Lo Green said goodbye to two of his performers, Curtis Grimes and the sister duo of Tori and Taylor. It became very clear that his two strongest singers remained, though, as Nakia and Vicci Martinez blew us away with their performances.

Cee-Lo suggested that Nakia step outside his comfort zone once again to perform Adam Lambert’s hit “Whataya Want From Me.” Nakia definitely added his own twist to the song, surprising the coaches — including Adam Levine, who had never heard the song before. (No, we don’t know which rock he hangs out under. We’re looking into it.)

“I’m not familiar with that song, but you just forced me to like it,” he says. “You probably sang it better than the person who sang it originally.” Uh-oh, Glambert Nation. Retract your claws!

“You’re so entertaining,” Christina Aguilera said. “I love the way you just kicked that bench back with such authority. You have great stage presence and I love watching you always.”

As for Vicci Martinez, if she was suffering from left-over nerves after the elimination round, she certainly didn’t give herself away during her incredible performance of “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine.

Cee-Lo encouraged her to tap into the pain she felt when her father died to “insert angst” into what’s generally considered a hopeful song. “I definitely think the message in this song is to live your truth and be happy,” Vicci said, before taking the stage and setting her own beat on the drums.

“You’re a little dynamo,” said Levine, asserting that she had the “coolest performance of the night.”

Blake Shelton agreed. “No question the most powerful performance of the night. It’s like somebody threw gas on the stage and threw a lit match up there.”

For his part, Cee-Lo praised her “warrior spirit.”

What did you think of Team Cee-Lo tonight? Did his “big business” black and white color scheme pay off? Which team member will take it all the way? Watch the videos below then drop a line in our comments section.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie