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As Maggie (Lauren Cohan) says in Sunday’s (Nov. 20) episode of “The Walking Dead,” “Secrets,” Glenn (Steven Yeun) has the skills it takes to be a leader. He’s the go-to guy for runs into zombie infested territory and he takes on every high risk mission without complaint. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when he ended up making another run into undead-infested territory to get something for someone else — in this case, Lori.

When a walker unexpectedly turned up while he and Maggie were on a pharmacy run (so not like their first visit!), well, he picked up a metal shelf and mostly decapitated the zombie before any harm could come to his kind-of new girlfriend.

In one of the most talked about scenes from Sunday’s show, seen online first here at Zap2it (above), watch as Glenn takes matters into his own hands.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson