walking dead michael rooker 'The Walking Dead': Is Michael Rooker returning?We last saw Merle, the scary racist played by Michael Rooker on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” handcuffed to the roof of an Atlanta skyscraper. We last saw Merle’s hand on the top of that same building and a bloody trail that dead-ended before his brother Daryl (Norman Reedus) was able to find him.

AOL TV on Monday (Oct. 10) reported that Rooker may be headed back to the show. They base the assumption on an inteview Reedus did with TV Guide in which he said we’ll get his character’s back story in season 2.

“You’ll learn about [Daryl’s] family and what it was like for him growing up, constantly put down and under the thumb of other people,” Reedus told TV Guide. “You’ll see him make some hard decisions and announce where his loyalties lie.”

A source close to the show tells Zap2it that AMC will not comment on future storylines.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson