We know they're zombies and all, but "The Walking Dead" can't get here fast enough for us. How about you?

Zap2it offers your first look at the new "Walking Dead" promo to keep you occupied, adding to the zombie-tacular trailer and fan-made opening sequence already heavily on rotation on our computers.

If you've read the graphic novels, you already know the story, and if you're new to the series, we're just going to give you the rough premise: Police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) gets shot in the line of duty, falls into a coma and then wakes up to a full blown zombie apocalypse.

The promo is short, but sweet (like brains!). We love how the gunshots line up with the music. That car swarming scene gets us every time, and zombie children are just scary and tragic. And that last scene had us laughing nervously.

We'll be watching "The Walking Dead" on Sunday, Oct. 31  at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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How excited are you for Z-Day?

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen