Carol has developed quite a backbone over “The Walking Dead’s” three seasons. Melissa McBride‘s character is now one of the toughest in Rick’s group, and is a fan-favorite because of it. “The Walking Dead” fans also are dying to see her hook up with Norman Reedus‘ Daryl Dixon, which is why the above Season 3 deleted scene between Carol and Merle is such a treat.

In it, Carol makes a peace offering to Merle that quickly changes into something more serious. It’s always fun when Carol’s claws come out, especially when she’s doing so to protect Daryl. What makes the scene even better is the fact that Daryl is standing right behind her when she makes her threat to Merle. Precious!

This scene was taken from Season 3 episode 11, and will be included on “The Walking Dead’s” Season 3 Blu-ray and DVD release, which comes out Aug. 27. “The Walking Dead” returns with Season 4 on Oct. 13.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz