the walking dead season 4 episode 13 alone bob stookey amc 'The Walking Dead' Season 4, episode 13 'Alone' recap: One step closer to a Terminus reunionThe central characters on “The Walking Dead” are slowly, slowly being drawn back together. Following up on last week’s character-driven “Still,” “Alone” kept this season inching toward its (hopefully) inevitable end. All of its characters who had not yet reached the train tracks did in this episode, and all but two of them are heading towards Terminus.

“Alone” finally fleshed out Bob Stookey’s character, showing the scene were he first met Glenn and Daryl on the road and explaining what his life had been like in his previous groups. In both those situations he had been the last one still alive, and he admits he is happy here because at least has people with him.

With Bob Stookey, viewers got their first new romance of Season 4. Though the feelings between Daryl and Beth are still questionably romantic, Bob flat out kissed Sasha before they parted ways so she could find a safe shelter and he could go after Maggie.

Will anything come of Sasha and Bob’s romance? Most likely. Right now, Glenn and Maggie are the only love story in this show about survival, and there’s plenty of room for another. Having it be Sasha and Bob is a nice twist, especially since many fans were expecting Daryl to be the next one to get a lady. (Team Caryl all the way, for what it’s worth.) 

Meanwhile with Daryl and Beth, he’s ready to settle down in a home they found that clearly had a previous tenant. He makes it clear that she gave him faith in good people again, yet almost immediately after walkers swarm the house. In a legitimate surprise, Beth gets kidnapped and driven away in a mysterious car while Daryl is left behind.

He follows the car on the road until he reaches a fork near a set of train tracks. Though he doesn’t discover Terminus, he is set upon by the same group of men who overtook the house Rick, Carl and Michonne were in in a previous episode. Instead of killing him, their leader Joe takes a liking to “bowman” Daryl, and Daryl seemingly joins their group.

Here’s hoping Daryl doesn’t revert to his harsher redneck ways after joining up with this group, whose motto is “Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?” After all, he just had his faith restored in humanity. Hopefully these are the people who took Beth, and Daryl can rescue her soon before getting back on the road.

The big reveal at the end of the episode was Glenn (and thus Tara, Eugene, Abraham and Rosita) discovering the sign leading to Terminus. All but Daryl and Beth are on their way, but it still remains to be seen whether this place is actually sanctuary or something worse than they’ve encountered before.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz