“The Walking Dead” is going to be seeing a lot of deaths early on in Season 4. Two new promos for the upcoming season tease that not only have walkers somehow found their way into the Prison, but that they managed to slaughter a dozen of Rick’s group.

Does that mean that any of the show’s main characters will be killed in the initial massacre? Not likely, but it still looks like the losses will leave them feeling hollow. As Hershel points out, what they’ve been trying so hard to keep out — aka the walkers — has found its way in, meaning their safe zone is definitely no longer safe.

But how did they get in? That’s the big question these trailers raise. If there was a breach in the Prison’s security, the survivors likely have put up enough defenses that they would be alerted to the onslaught ahead of time. Because of the high numbers of the dead, this attack seems like it came as a surprise.

Is the Governor somehow involved? Maybe a traitor on the inside of the Prison? Or is there a much more sinister threat on the way? Audiences will find out when “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz