emily kinney norman reedus walking dead getty 'The Walking Dead' Season 5: Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney understand Daryl and Beth 'shippers“The Walking Dead” Season 4 was filled with interesting character moments for much of the show’s cast, especially Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon). They were forced together by circumstance after the group was ousted from their safe haven in the prison, and as their relationship evolved some fans began to hope for a romantic spark between the two.

During an interview at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Kinney and Reedus say they understand perfectly why those fans want the characters to get together.

“People are longing for something more than just, like, death and destruction, you know?” Kinney tells Zap2It. “We want romance. We want music, you know? And these characters feel the same way the audience does. We don’t want to just be surviving. We want something more.”

Most relationships on “The Walking Dead” end in heartbreak as characters continue to fall to walkers or madness. But fans are still eager for new romances to bloom.

“I find it so fascinating that the audience will immediately go to, you know, just because this happens or that happens they want that,” says Kinney. “That’s what we live for, is love and romance and art.”

As the season progressed, Beth came to represent something important for Daryl, but she was taken by unknown assailants before he could discover exactly what, Reedus tells us.

“Our episodes, she was like the little bright light at the end of the tunnel,” he says. “And I was getting warmer and closer and closer, and then someone blew it out.”

Beth and Daryl spent more time together in the second half of Season 4 than they ever had before, but “The Walking Dead” Executive Producer and Special Effects Makeup Supervisor Greg Nicotero tells Zap2It that the seeds for their relationship were actually planted earlier in the season, when Daryl tells Beth that her boyfriend Zach (played by Kyle Gallner) had been killed during the events of the first episode.

“Just that little scene, which was not a big scene, really laid the groundwork for all the other stuff that came for these guys,” Nicotero says.

The Season 5 trailer that debuted during the show’s Comic-Con panel teased that Beth’s whereabouts will be revealed in upcoming episodes, and she appears to remain separate from the rest of the group for some time. That won’t stop her from singing, though, a skill the character (and the actress) have become known for over “The Walking Dead”‘s four existing seasons.

“It’s a part of who she is now,” Kinney said. “That’s still a part of her character and how she deals with the world around her.”

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 premieres Sunday, Oct. 12 on AMC.

Posted by:Mike Rougeau