The big reveal out of AMC’s panel for “The Walking Dead” at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 was a welcome one for fans: a new Season 5 trailer and a premiere date: Sunday, Oct. 12.

As the panel began, the show’s official Twitter account began teasing fans about the trailer, which finally debuted online and at the convention partway through the event.

The much-anticipated trailer shows the characters negotiating with their Season 4 captors and continuing on their journey to Washington, D.C., where they hope to help cure the zombie outbreak. In one scene zombies are being sprayed by a fire hose, while in another Rick (Andrew Lincoln) holds his infant daughter, whom he had yet to be reunited with as of the end of Season 4. In addition the trailer reveals that Beth (Emily Kinney), whose fate was unknown at the end of Season 4, will return in some capacity, though her whereabouts are still unclear.

The group will struggle to stick together during Season 5, especially as new companions test their ability to trust the living.

On the panel, executive producer David Alpert confirmed that “The Wire” star Seth Gilliam will play Father Gabriel, a character from the comic books, during Season 5. Gilliam was rumored to be assuming the role, but this is the first official word on the subject. There’s a brief glimpse in the new trailer of the cast finding respite inside what’s likely Gabriel’s church.

Naturally questions arose about the show’s Season 4 finale, in which most of the cast found themselves held hostage by a hostile group in a locked train car. But the cast and producers refused to give anything away, including whether the characters will escape — although that much, at least, is confirmed in the trailer.

Showrunner Scott Gimple does promise that “this season is going to define these characters.”

Another highlight came when Chandler Riggs, whose character Carl enjoyed an entire large tin of chocolate pudding — a rare find post-apocalypse — during Season 4, posed with a similar tin onstage.

During the “Walking Dead” comic books panel Thursday (July 24), series creator Robert Kirkman shared that fan-favorite villain Negan, who has not yet been introduced in the show, will arrive at some point — just not very soon.

Kirkman also says AMC’s “Walking Dead” spinoff show will be officially revealed in greater detail soon, though not at Comic-Con.

Posted by:Mike Rougeau