We’re almost there. Or, rather, they’re almost here. Zombies, that is. On Sunday (Oct. 16), “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC with a super-sized 90-minute season premiere that is — we are pleased to report — every bit as compelling as the show’s first blockbuster season.

In a new sneak peek, Andrea (Laurie Holden) gives Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) — who pretty much saved her life in the season 1 finale when he dashed her plans to commit suicide by sitting in an exploding Atlanta CDC headquarters — a piece of her mind.

“I wanted to die my way,” says Andrea. “Not torn apart by drooling freaks. That was my choice.”

She does have a point.

Anyhow, based on the clip, we know that Dale, Andrea and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) are somewhere on a highway — and Andrea’s in need of a gun. Bet we know why.

“The Walking Dead” premieres Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson