The Wanted‘s feud with One Direction has spread beyond social media. Following some nasty Twitter exchanges between the two bands over the past couple of months, the boys of The Wanted visited “Katie” and gave their side of the story.

Though he didn’t take part in the recent Twitter battle between Louis Tomlinson and Tom Parker, it was Max George who stepped up to clarify where The Wanted stand in their feud with the other British boy band. He didn’t specifically name One Direction as the group he was talking about on the talk show, but it’s clear who he was referring to.

“There’s been a bit of Twitter arguing and that sort of stuff, because we’re so mature,” George tells Katie Couric. “There’s a little bit of bad feeling with a couple of the boys from another band. That’s about as far as I’m going to go with it. We haven’t seen them to actually talk face to face, but we’d like to at some point because I’m sure underneath all the front and the b****iness they’re actually pretty nice people. I’ve yet to see it.”

The boys of One Direction will likely have something to say about those comments soon.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz