bret michaels las vegas getty The Weather Channel's next correspondent ... Bret Michaels?Lock the cellar door. And baby, talk weather to me?

Bret Michaels, rocker and reality star, may have a post-Poison occupation – weather man.

The frontman recently sent The Weather Channel video of a lightning storm he spotted while on tour in America’s heartland. The footage shows bolt after bolt shooting from the night sky with Michaels offering narration from his band’s tour bus. In the next segment, the 48-year-old Michaels, shows the aftermath of the storm, including heavy flood-damage in Nebraska.

Michaels, of course, has extensive experience on TV including the VH1 hit “Rock of Love” as well as “Celebrity Apprentice.”

But after this, could Al Roker be replaced?

Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein