david blaine real or magic will smith jada pinkett smith The weirdest moments in 'David Blaine: Real or Magic' that had nothing to do with magic“David Blaine: Real or Magic,” the ABC special from notorious street magician/stunt artist David Blaine, contained a great deal of super-cool magic tricks. It also contained some completely head-scratching moments that had nothing to do with magic.

While you could spend hours dissecting how Blaine ate pieces of cards and $20 bills and then repaired them with his mouth, how he swallowed kerosene then spat it out to start a fire, and how he stuck an ice pick through his hand multiple times without bleeding, plenty of other weird s*** happened on the show that had nothing to do with magic.

Here’s are some of the strangest non-magic things in the show:

Kanye West and Woody Harrelson hang out. Or at least they hung out long enough to tape this special together. Was Kanye buying weed or something?

The interstitials. In one, a dude (maybe Blaine?) seductively paints his face with his fingers and then rides on a motorcycle. In another, Blaine sits underwater in a fish tank. The graphics feel like a joke, like they’re leftover from Jim Carrey’s faux Criss Angel spoof character in “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.” WTF.

Olivia Wilde wore a bra in one segment.
It could’ve been a bathing suit, but it’s still bizarre considering everyone else was fully clothed and it didn’t look particularly hot outside or anything.

There’s a crocodile. Blaine walks around New York City with a baby croc on his shoulder for no apparent reason.

Posted by:Jean Bentley