bo obama The White House makes a 'Mean Girls' reference with Bo Obama

Looks like someone in the White House is a “Mean Girls” fan — though probably not as much as this guy.

On Tuesday (August 13), the White House Instagrammed a photo of the First Dog, Bo Obama, with a pretty funny reference to the Lindsay Lohan/Rachel McAdams cult classic. “Bo, stop trying to make fetch happen,” the caption read.

While we agreed with Regina George the first time around, this is one instance in which we would be glad to make fetch happen. Come on, look at that adorable face and try to say no to a game of fetch … you can’t, right?

Unfortunately, we can’t play a round of fetch with the pooch, since the Portuguese Water Dog is reportedly on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard with the rest of the Obama family.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum