the white queen elizabeth woodville rebecca ferguson starz 'The White Queen': History, as told by Philippa Gregory and Starz

Based on the novels of Philippa Gregory (“The Other Boleyn Girl”), “The White Queen” tells the historical story of the War of the Roses. Starz presented the series at the TCA press tour, bringing English history to super-dramatic life.

Honestly, it looks like it will be a wild ride.

The central character of “The White Queen” is Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson), the wife of King Edward IV (Max Irons) of England in the 15th century. Following this commoner’s marriage to the King, the story continues to follow Elizabeth through many court-set dramas. Romance, violence and even witchcraft figure into what happens next.

In addition to Gregory, Ferguson and Irons, the TCA presentation featured James Frain (Lord Warwick), Janet McTeer (Jacquetta Woodville) and screenwriter Emma Frost.

Quotes, many of them from Philippa Gregory:

  • “I’m utterly indifferent to Kate Middleton’s baby.” – Philippa Gregory
  • “It’s going to have a terrible life, but if it was a girl, it would be a nightmare.” – Gregory
  • “It would be diminished by any experience that I could bring to it.” – James Frain
  • “She had that ability to manipulate without appearing to be manipulating.” – Max Irons on Rebecca Ferguson
  • “You talked to a camera on a pile of books, and that’s how you got this job?” – Frain to Ferguson
  • “At some levels, we’re quite dumb.” – Gregory on English knowledge of history

Posted by:Laurel Brown