maura tierney the whole truth 320 'The Whole Truth': A new kind of legal drama?“The Whole Truth” is latest legal procedural produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, but as the creator Tom Donaghy told us, it’s not the typical lawyer show. The drama showcases both the prosecution and the defense in equal measure, letting the fictional jury decide the outcome, but finally showing the audience the whole truth. What did you think?

We think it could work. Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow work well as the leads. Morrow could tone down the smugness perhaps, but on the other hand, what else do you expect from a hot-shot defense attorney? Their camaraderie and competition makes for a compelling relationship.

We also really dig the structure of the series. Seeing the case converge as both sides gather their evidence is interesting indeed — it really shows off the gray area of the legal system. Most court cases are not cut and dried, they come down to what kind of show/spin the lawyers put on and how the jury reacts to it.

In the premiere, we were shown a case where the murder suspect was found guilty and the whole truth is revealed that he did in fact commit the murder. We would predict the second episode will be an instance where the jury finds the suspect innocent and it turns out he or she really is innocent.

What we are excited about are the other cases — where a guilty person goes free or an innocent person goes to jail.

What did you think of the premiere?

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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