the wire the musical funny or die 'The Wire: The Musical': Michael Kenneth Williams returns as Omar in Funny or Die vidMost TV critics hail HBO’s gritty, five-season drama “The Wire” as one of the greatest shows ever, but you can’t help but wonder how much better it could have been as a musical, right? OK, probably not, but the folks over at Funny or Die are giving it a go in the parody video “The Wire: The Musical,” featuring original cast members Michael Kenneth Williams as Omar, Sonja Sohn as Kima, Larry Gillard Jr. as D’Angelo Barksdale, Andre Royo as Bubbles and Felicia Pearson as Snoop.

Omar gets an upbeat, Broadway-style number, singing, “When Omar go a-huntin all the slingers shout my name. They ask, ‘My oh my yo, how you survivin’ this game?… You gotta whistle babe, before the shotty goes boom.” Bubbles and his backup singers, meanwhile, croon, “Come on Bubs. Come on Bubs. Stop doin’ drugs. Stop doin’ drugs. My name is Bubs. I sniff the drugs.”

Sadly, Dominic West isn’t back as Jimmy McNulty, though the alcoholic police detective does get his own song: “I’m McNulty! Screwing Ronnie when I’m drunk. Solving homicides with Bunk. Jimmy McNulty.” Idris Elba isn’t reprising his role as Stringer Bell either, but Faizon Love does a fine job in his place.

Check out the video below.

Would you go see “The Wire: The Musical”?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper