paris hilton summer press day getty 320 'The World According to Paris': Paris Hilton on doing the show, 'What else could happen?'

Let’s face it: Paris Hilton is no stranger to prying cameras. As one of the creators, producers and the star of Oxygen’s “The World According to Paris” premiering in June, she has a vested interest in making it a hit and convincing us that it’s something we haven’t seen from her before.
‘This show is the most authentic I’ve ever been,” she says Friday (April 15) at NBCU’s Summer Press Day. “On ‘The Simple Life,’ I was being a character and I was, you know, a fish out of water, living in places, so it wasn’t my world.”
“Now, people will get to see my real world,” she adds. “My friends, my relationships, my business, and everything that goes on.”
Of course, when someone who has been on multiple reality shows says that they’re being real now, they fall into the category of crying wolf one too many times (See Audrina Patridge).
“This is an all-access pass to Paris’ life,” says executive producer Arthur Smith. “People are going to be surprised. I’m surprised as to where we went.”
On the other hand, for someone like Paris who has had her fair share of scandalous headlines for things she’d rather not be caught doing, what does she have to lose by calling the shots as a creator and producer on her own show?
“Before I would never have done a show like this, five, ten years ago,” Paris says. “I wasn’t ready. I feel like I’ve been through so much. Like, what else could happen?”
That’s actually a very good point.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog