You never know what to expect when a new group enters “The Writers’ Room” on Sundance Channel. When Kurt Sutter and the writers of “Sons of Anarchy” walk in the door though, chances are things will get a little crazy.
Host Jim Rash welcomed Sutter, “Sons” star Katey Sagal and co-executive producers Charles Murray and Mike Daniels for an animated and vulgar discussion about the show, its fans and the process that goes into creating the world of Charming. Part of that process includes dealing with the network, something even Sutter admits he could be better at sometimes.
In the above clip, which is exclusive to Zap2it, he recounts one specific moment when the show’s budget was being debated and he felt the need to defend himself. In hindsight, the moment helped shape Sutter as a showrunner.
The taping went over two hours. Seeing as the episodes are only a half hour long, a lot of it will end up on the cutting room floor. There’s always the possibility it could show up somewhere in the future, though. “I hope so,” Rash tells Zap2it on the set. “I always keep pushing them and saying these things should be an hour long.”
After the episode finished taping, Daniels and Murray took some time to discuss writing the show and some of the hard decisions that have to be made, including killing off popular characters.
“Opie was living the life of Job, where everything was being taken away from him and then he still, because of his friendship, took that death from Jax,” Murray says. “That death was based on friendship and I think if you look at all the other deaths, they earn what they earn because of the mayhem that exists, the chaos that exists in their world.”
Though Opie may gone, his spirit still hangs over “Sons of Anarchy.” “Opie continues to be a character on the show, his death really is something that Jax pivoted off,” Daniels says. “He kind of saw it as mandate to fulfill his destiny in a slightly different way. So, I think that part of why it still lives with fans, it’s still lives in the show”
While Opie’s dying for the club was the logical outcome for his character, Tara’s fate was even more heartbreaking because she was so close to freedom. Murray explains, “I had an emotion almost like sympathy because she was being killed off for the wrong reason, she was being killed off because she was going against Gemma. Going against Gemma, she was always gonna lose.”
Now, looking forward to the final season of the show, Daniels and Murray are excited to be there to help fans get closure. “It’s nice to know you’re satisfying those fans and closing that book and you know there’s no better satisfaction than finishing a great book you love and it’s nice to be one of the people writing the last chapter with everybody else in that room.”
“For us, as writers,” Murray adds, “that’s the excitement of being in the room. We look forward to being able to say ‘I don’t know’ and then having to figure it out. That’s the extra incentive, because we’re able to still be surprised by the choices that are made.”
“The Writers’ Room” airs Monday, May 12, at 11 p.m. ET/PT on Sundance Channel.
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