alex and sierra x factor finale 'The X Factor' finale: Alex and Sierra up against 'the best of the best'Regardless of what happens on “The X Factor” finale, Florida duo Alex and Sierra are far and away the breakout stars of Season 3. Their mentor, Simon Cowell, sees a bright future for the lovebirds after the show ends.

“I have high hopes for these two outside of the competition. I really do. I think they’ve done brilliantly,” Cowell tells reporters following the semifinals results show. “When they first started with that sort of quirky audition I really liked the two of them at the time, but I was wondering if they were going to really take this seriously. In the last two weeks something just transformed. Alex has always been consistent and then Sierra got her confidence up and it was just one of those amazing things to watch and two weeks ago when they did that final performance I remember thinking, ‘this is the moment you are going to remember — when everything changed with “Say Something.”‘ ”

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But they’ll have some stiff competition if they want to win the title, especially since their fellow finalists, Jeff Gutt and Carlito Olivero, have peaked at the right time.

“It’s incredible that they are doing so well,” says Alex. “You want to be up against the best of the best. People that we have been up against are the best and we have gotten this far doing what we’ve done, and as long as we continue doing that I think we will be fine.”

Sierra says they’ve already gotten much farther than they anticipated, so they’re just going to continue to do the best they can.

“We didn’t even think our audition tape would get watched so to make it to the finals means a lot,” Sierra says, “not just as artists and singers but as people. I know for me it means a lot that I came in thinking that I couldn’t really sing at all and I guess I can if we made it this far — unless he’s just carrying the team.”

Alex shoots her down. “No! We haven’t been at it as long as Jeff, but we want this just as bad and have to fight. I think the finals will be a really good show.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley