carlito olivero x factor third place fox 'The X Factor': Finalist Carlito Olivero 'walking away a winner'Okay, so Carlito Olivero didn’t win a million bucks. But for the Chicago singer, finishing third on “The X Factor” is just fine by him. He didn’t have any expectations for his performance on the show (aside from getting past the audition rounds) so second runner-up is a-ok.

“All I ever wanted was to just get past that first round and get four yeses from the judges. When I did that I already felt accomplished,” Olivero tells Zap2it backstage after the “X Factor” Season 3 finale. “As each and every round went by my mentality was ‘Yo, at least I didn’t get in the bottom two so I can perform again!’ And then [when I was in the bottom I thought] ]I can make it through and I have a fighting chance.'”

Besides, some of the show’s most successful acts finished third. “One Direction got Top 3. Fifth Harmony got Top 3. So many other great artists,” Olivero says. “Chris Daughtry was fourth on ‘American Idol.’ There are so many people who have been on these types of shows that have blown up. To me, I’m walking away a winner, Yeah, I’m not walking away with a million dollars, which kind of sucks, but it’s okay! It’s all good. At the end of the day I’m walking away with so many supporters.”

Olivero is excited for his future in the industry — and for the future of his fellow finalists. “I’m excited for the fan base that has been growing constantly. I’m excited for Alex and Sierra. I know that they are going to be getting married very soon,” he jokes.

Seriously, though, he can’t wait for their album. “I’m also excited for Jeff [Gutt],” he says. “That’s my big bro. I’m proud of Restless Road. I’m proud of everybody that made it to the Top 16. Everybody keep supporting them and god willing each and every one of us will be on the charts very soon.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley