restless road eliminated x factor 'The X Factor': Restless Road think Alex and Sierra will winA lot of times the acts kicked off of “The X Factor” are in tears talking to reporters backstage after their elimination. That wasn’t the case for Restless Road, who were cut one week shy of making the Season 3 finals. The boys were as happy and energetic as ever when discussing their cut.

“We’re just happy to make it as far as we did because we almost didn’t make it anywhere past the second round,” Andrew Scholz tells Zap2it. “We got nos in the boys category, then we got put in this group which was just a blessing. We’re so happy to be where we are.”

Their mentor, Simon Cowell, looked mighty disappointed when the boys didn’t advance to the last week, but Zach Beeken says Simon knows they tried their best. “Simon really wanted us to be in the finals — as did we — and then we didn’t make it there and he told us ‘Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.’ He knows that we’ve worked really hard. He knows how badly we want it. For whatever reason it didn’t click this week I guess, but I still feel great about our performances on Wednesday night. I think we’re all just looking forward to the future.”

That future entails moving into a house together in Nashville and trying to make the music career dream happen. “We want to get right to work and hopefully get signed to a record label and get started on an album and working on singles. I think that’s kind of what our game plan is for the future,” says Colton Pack.

In the meantime, they get to visit the people in their hometowns who rooted them on throughout the competition, and they get to cheer for their favorite act to win: Alex and Sierra. Yep, they’ve got solidarity with their fellow Group category members. Will they win? “No doubt,” says Pack.

Posted by:Jean Bentley