x factor semifinals results restless road carlito olivero jeff gutt alex sierra 'The X Factor' Top 4 results: Did Restless Road, Jeff Gutt, Carlito Olivero, or Alex and Sierra make the finals?“The X Factor” might get less fanfare than its older sibling, “American Idol,” but the final four acts remaining in Season 3 are worthy of as many accolades as the superstars on any other reality singing competition. It was a hard competition, but finally we narrowed down the semifinalists: groups Restless Road and Alex and Sierra, over 25-er Jeff Gutt, and boy Carlito Olivero, to the three finalists competing for the Season 3 title. Who made it?

The episode began with a delightfully chaste group number of Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger,” and was followed by an extensive package recapping the Top 4 performance night. This essentially proved the uselessness of results shows, and the fact that it takes an hour to eliminate one act is kind of insane.

Mario Lopez then rapidly asked each act a question, providing ample opportunity for Miss America-style answers: we love everyone, everybody deserves to be here, I hope I’m not the one in danger, we’re all feeling great, you never know who’s going to win.

After an infuriating “AFTER THE BREAK” Mario announced that the first act safe in the finals: Carlito Olivero. With Alex and Sierra seemingly a lock, that meant Restless Road and Jeff Gutt were probably getting very nervous about their chances to move on.

In a move that was not shocking to anyone who’s looked at the iTunes chart recently, Alex and Sierra were the next group ushered through to safety.

In the end, it was Restless Road who had to pack up and go home just one week shy of the finals. (Did anyone else suspect it based on Simon’s angry face right before the announcement?)

Our final three: Carlito Olivero, Alex and Sierra, and Jeff Gutt. Do you think the right acts made it?

Posted by:Jean Bentley