kevin hart think like a man screengems 'Think like a Man' reviews: It's an 'enjoyable' and 'funny' romantic comedyThe romantic comedy “Think like a Man” comes out Friday (April 20). The film is based on a relationship advice book by comedian Steve Harvey and stars an ensemble cast that includes Kevin Hart, Jerry Ferrara, Meagan Good and Gabrielle Union among many others.

The reviews have been mixed but mostly favorable. Here’s what different publications are saying about the PG-13 movie.

Associated Press: “What is essentially a shameless and overlong infomercial for Steve Harvey’s dating advice book becomes more tolerable and even enjoyable at times with the help of an attractive, likable cast.” “It’s unclear if writers Keith Merryman or David A. Newman simply couldn’t think of a more clever way to adapt the material, or if Harvey himself demanded to hang over the moving like some advice-spewing Cheshire Cat, but ‘Think Like A Man’ quickly becomes exhausting in adhering to its many lessons, all mostly about how women can manipulate the men in their lives to treat them better. “

Chicago Tribune: “The movie may be the very definition of contrivance, coming as it does from the blithely sexist relationship guide ‘Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,’ co-written by radio host and comedian Steve Harvey. Considering its source, though, one of the more unpromising comedies of the year has turned out … pretty funny.”

NY Daily News: “If you can look past the annoying quirks, you’ll probably have a good time. As Steve says, sometimes, it pays to compromise.”

San Francisco Chronicle: “The script…is packed with tricky situations and funny incidents, and, if anything, it’s a triumph of economy. It covers four relationships with enough detail to do justice to all of them, without ever giving the sense of a movie going sideways to account for everybody. At every moment, the motion is forward, with the audience wondering what will happen next.”

Posted by:David Eckstein