mythbusters this vs that discovery 'This vs. That' creator claims Discovery and 'Mythbusters' stole his show

Jon Hotchkiss is taking a stand against Discovery Channel and “MythBusters” over what he claims amounts to the network and its show copying Hotchkiss’ material. The creator of the “This vs. That” web series says Discovery stole content he pitched to them and used it on “MythBusters” without his consent — or payment to him.

In a detailed blog post on the “This vs. That” blog, Hotchkiss describes his dealings with Discovery beginning on Aug. 31, 2010 and continuing through the present day. What started off as a pitch meeting where Hotchkiss presented the idea of “This vs. That” to Discovery ended with the network using ideas he shared with them on episodes of “MythBusters” that didn’t air within the United States.

Hotchkiss claims this is all being written off as a coincidence, but he has put forth evidence that seemingly proves his claims. When Zap2it asked Discovery for a statement, the network replied with “no comment.”

According to the allegations by Hotchkiss, Discovery almost made the “This vs. That” TV show several times but wanted the creator out of the picture. He ultimately made it himself, and is happier with the product.

“Discovery, when they couldn’t buy ‘This vs That’ and get rid of me in the process, they decided to just take it. And why? Because they are a multi-national billion dollar media empire. And they can. Or, at least they thought the [sic] could. But that was a miscalculation on their part,” Hotchkiss writes. “As for me? I’m just a guy who created a TV show in his garage.”

Hotchkiss claims that he’s been hurt by Discovery because the audience “This vs. That” is intended for isn’t as interested in the show since “Mythbusters” already did the experiments he had pitched before setting out to resolve them on his own. Here’s a link to some of his proof.

“I invested quite a bit into making This vs That… and when the audience it’s aimed at won’t watch it because they’ve seen the material somewhere else, that is quite literally taking money from me that I would have spent to send my kid’s to college,” Hotchkiss writes.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz