Just because Tom Hiddleston‘s Marvel Cinematic Universe character Loki was defeated in both “Thor” and “The Avengers” doesn’t mean he’s done participating in the greater superhero universe. The trailer for “Thor: The Dark World” shows that Loki and Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor will be forced to team up, which was an exciting premise for the real-life friends.

“He and I, we have a really good time together whatever we’re doing,” Hiddleston says of himself and Hemsworth at San Diego Comic-Con. “It’s really fun working with him. In the beginning of the first film we’re teamed up. In a way, it was like a coda of fly a long way around the houses to come home.”

Hiddleston had to present “Thor: The Dark World” at Comic-Con alone, and he did so with true pomp and circumstance. He arrived in Hall H in character (and costume) as Loki and was met with screams of delight. After the panel, Hiddleston explained that Hemsworth missed the panel because he was shooting another film, but shared Hemsworth’s hilarious alternative excuse.

“He said last night, ‘Hammer’s in the workshop, mate. It’s having a tune up. No transport,'” Hiddleston shares with a laugh.

Expect “Thor: The Dark World” to spend a lot more time on Asgard than its predecessor did. Hiddleston explains that shift of location happened because fans responded so well to those fantastical scenes in the first “Thor.”

“I think the thing we all found so encouraging about the response to the first film is that people loved Asgard,” he says. “People really wanted to see more of it. [Director] Alan Taylor, his pitch, his remit, his passion was to open the film up and so you didn’t just see the palaces where the king and the queen lived and where the prince is, you see the entire universe.”

Hiddleston continues, “You see the rest of the Citadel, you see more of kind of where normal people live on Asgard. Now that we’ve introduced into the mythology the fact that there are nine realms in the universe … you just get a sense of the scale of the universe that these characters inhabit, and I think that’s really exciting. It just gives it a depth and a texture and an epic scale that you haven’t seen yet.”

“Thor: The Dark World” hits theaters on Nov. 8.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz