“Thor: The Dark World” will feature plenty of sibling rivalry between Thor and Loki, but what happens when that rivalry gets taken outside of the bounds of the Marvel movie? That’s exactly what Comedy Central set out to find out when they sat Tom Hiddleston-as-Loki down with a group of children and had him ask them whether they think Thor or Loki is better.

A tough decision considering how wonderful Hiddleston is, but those kids were quick to answer “Thor” in a clip from the TV spot, which can be watched over on Entertainment Weekly. If you thought Loki had a temper tantrum over his brother in movies like “Thor” and “The Avengers,” just wait until you see how he responds to these little ones.

Is it just us, or does the above spot bear a striking resemblance to those AT&T commercials where children are called in as consultants? Regardless, both are awesome and who can complain about more Tom Hiddleston in their life?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz