chris hemsworth thor the dark world workout 'Thor: The Dark World's' Chris Hemsworth talks workout regimen

Chris Hemsworth has now inhabited the body of Thor three times in Marvel movies, and it’s become a familiar place to be for the Australian actor. He stopped by “Good Morning America” to promote “Thor: The Dark World” prior to its Nov. 8 release, and talked about the way this installment is different from “Thor” and “The Avengers.”

“Coming back the third time obviously you have a familiarity with the story, with the character, with each of the cast. There’s a shorthand,” he says. “The thing was basically to advance his skill set. … He’s upped the level of his battle skills.”

He’s also upped the level of his rivalry with his brother Loki. Tom Hiddleston‘s character was defeated (again) in “The Avengers,” but now circumstances require that Thor turn to him for help. Expect there to be the same sibling rivalry as previous Marvel movies, though.

“Although the issue is much larger than anything we’ve faced before, it’s essentially the same thing,” Hemsworth admits.

Though maybe not as dramatic as some other weight changes in Hollywood, Hemsworth had to drastically change his physique in transition from his racing drama “Rush” to his Asgardian hero in the “Thor” sequel. So what did that require from him?

“Plenty of protein, plenty of time at the gym,” he says of preparing for “The Dark World,” while “Rush” required a lot of running and cutting calories. “I’d much rather put the weight on,” he says with a laugh.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz