john goodman saturday night live throwback thursday Throwback Thursday: 12 John Goodman 'Saturday Night Live' appearances

When John Goodman hosts “Saturday Night Live” on Dec. 14, he will tie Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin for the most times hosting the series.

In honor of that momentous occasion, here’s a look back at 12 great Goodman appearances on “Saturday Night Live,” courtesy of Yahoo Screen. Enjoy!

Bill Brasky Buddies at Little League

Best moment: As proven during the rest of this list, Goodman does a killer drunk dude impression. This is no exception, especially when his character admits he tried to commit suicide the night before.


Linda Tripp-Monica Lewinsky cold open

Best moment: The fact that Goodman doesn’t even try to sound like a woman as Linda Tripp. 

Flintstone Names

Best moment: The transition from brontosaurus to triceratops to city bus, and the fact that Goodman does not break character.

Drunk monologue

Best moment: Goodman’s amazing monologue dance. Seriously, it’s amazing.

 Wayne’s World: Police Chief

Best moment: Goodman’s squint. It’s a pretty killer faux cop impression.

 Anal Retentive Chef: Cajun Style

Best moment: The look on Goodman’s face after he says, “Always spit twice in every dish: once when you cook it, and once when you serve it, because there should always be a little bit of you in everything you make.” 

Church Lady and Saddam Hussein cold open

Best moment: Goodman’s outfit as the Church Lady’s mother. Because come on. He really sells it.

The Delicious Dish: BBQ

Best moment: “You might want to grab a pen for this” while describing the recipe for a perfect summer barbeque. Hilarious.

New Diet monologue

Best moment: Goodman feeling really loopy during his monologue due to his 70 pound weight loss.

Canteen Boy: Block Party

Best moment: Goodman deadpanning his ribbing of Adam Sandler’s Canteen Boy.

Liberty Medical

Best moment: The entire concept of Goodman as Wilford Brimley. He does a killer impression.

Mighty Mack and Elwood: Weekend Update

Best moment: When Goodman breaks out into song with his gravely voice in “The Letter.” 

What’s your favorite Goodman “SNL” appearance?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz