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It wasn’t quite the “Saved by the Bell” reunion desired by nostalgic ’90s kids, but a mini-reunion between Tiffani Thiessen and Dennis Haskins on “Today” this Tuesday (Feb. 5) was still pretty good.

What did Kelly Kapowski and Mr. Belding have to say to each other after all this time?
Mostly, they stuck to show-based TV trivia. That makes sense. Thiessen once played a cheerleader while Haskins played a principal — they wouldn’t have much in common to talk about.

Fans got to see Tiffani Thiessen first. There to promote her current role on USA’s “White Collar,” the actress may not have expected quite so much “Saved by the Bell” love. Silly lady…

Although the arrival of Haskins was obviously a surprise to Thiessen (who did not look terribly thrilled to see him), the actress should have expected something. After all, they don’t just build a diner set for nothing! Maybe she thought it would just be TV trivia with the hosts?

Nope. Before any questions could be asked, Haskins showed up to replace Al Roker in asking questions. He did a pretty good job.

Surprisingly, the guys’ team managed to keep up with the ladies when it came to television trivia. It was actually a little disturbing when Thiessen lost-out to the guys on a “Beverly Hills 90210” question. Even an actress on the show can’t beat the fans, it seems.

Which “Saved by the Bell” co-stars should get back together next?

Posted by:Laurel Brown