Tiger Woods took a nasty spill during the final round of The Barclays tournament Sunday (Aug. 25), dropping straight to his knees in pain following a failed cut shot that sent his ball flying 50 yards off course into the water left of the green.
When Woods stood back up, he received a round of applause and shouts of encouragement from onlookers, but it was too late. As the golf champ limped away, the PGA Tour announcer stated the obvious: “There is no way to recover from that. None.” 
Adam Scott took the tournament win, and Woods told reporters, “I’m not feeling my best right now.” He had reportedly been undergoing treatment for muscle spasms after sleeping on a soft bed. (It’s probably best to reserve comment about the Ambien king getting hurt in bed.)
The GIF of the fall below is pretty mesmerizing:
tiger woods falls barclays sbnation Tiger Woods falls down in pain at Barclays   Watch the video and GIF
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