rachel uchitel Tiger Wood's rumored lover Rachel Uchitel threatens libel suit

After Friday’s (Nov. 27) shocking news about Tiger Woods’ early morning car crash, so much more has been revealed about what caused the accident.
Now the web is on fire about a heated argument prior to the crash between Tiger and wife Elin Nordergren regarding the rumors of an affair.
Then there’s Rachel Uchitel, rumored to be the woman involved with the golf champ.

Suddenly, she’s a household name. Or a household curiosity. 
“Rachel Uchitel photos” has become one of the hottest searches on Google. Particularly the bikini shots. We dare you to find them. We couldn’t. 

]]>She has totally denied the Tiger affair rumors. “Completely untrue,” she told the New York Post. 

And she’s so furious about all these insinuations that she’s reportedly lawyered up with Gloria Allred to possibly sue the National Enquirer — whose story started all the fuss — for defamation. We just heard that Gloria has now confirmed as much on MSNBC. Hey, multi-tasking.
Although, it’s worth noting that in 2008 Rachel — formerly a producer for Bloomberg, now Director of VIP Services at Pink Elephant in South Hampton, said in her Blackbook profile,  “Although I’ve been romantically linked to a famous baseball player, a Broadway star, a musician, and various film and television actors, I will never kiss and tell!”
According to CNN , Tiger has not spoken to the police since being released from the hospital. They’ve been to his house and been told twice to come back. They’re due back at his home Sunday.
But wait, there’s more! The 911 tapes of Tiger’s crash will be released on Sunday. 
Maybe those will help clear up this muddle. Doubt it though.
Photo: courtesy of Blackbook