Tilatequila_2008hollywoodlifestyleawards_240 This was going to be a “don’t believe everything you read on Twitter” sort of post, but the reality involving a rumor that online celeb/MTV star Tila Tequila had died is a little scarier than that.

It appears that a stalker broke into the “A Shot at Love” star’s house early Monday and posted two messages to her Twitter account (which has some 79,000 followers). “Tila Tequila is dead,” the first one read, followed a few minutes later by “I just broke into her house, killer her and her dog. Logged onto Twitter to tell you guys. She was signed on already. Tila Tequila is dead.”

About an hour later, though, Tila logged on herself to report that her house had, in fact, been broken into and that the perpetrator — whom Tequila identified as a stalker — had trashed her living room and locked her dog in the trunk of her car, RadarOnline reports.

“This is Tila,” she wrote shortly after 4 a.m. Monday. “I am deeply sorry for the earlier post about me being dead. I don’t know who logged into my account and wrote that.

“Pt.2 but someone did indeed break into my house. It’s been a very scary night for me. It’s 4:10am now and have been dealing with it all.”

Tequila, who’s reportedly started dating Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, also said she’s moving in hopes of getting away from her stalker. She also made her Twitter updates private after the incident.

Posted by:Zap2it